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The Municipality of Llanera

A town named after a Filipino revolutionary, amongst fields of rice…
Usually, I just rock the major roads through Central Luzon. But this time, I found myself slowly making my way through rural areas. It is always fascinating checking out towns you had no clue existed. There is always so much to learn…
The Municipality of Llanera!
First and foremost, I was amazed at how freaking big the roads are here! It is surreal coming out from small lanes amongst rice fields, and hitting the big wide roads of this town. Their market looks modern and new… the town just had this “life is good” vibe to it. I am assuming the main industry is rice here, but there is also a big historic connection to the place!
Named after Mariano Núñez Llanera, the Municipal Hall has a lot of KKK flags flying high outside of it. If you didn’t know, that stands for Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalangang, Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan. Referring to the Philippine Revolutionary Society. There wasn’t just one style of KKK flag here in the Philippines… if you look closely, there is a black one with a skull, cross bones, and letter K on it. That was the personal flag used by Llanera… who was known also for his fighting against the Americans during the Philippine American War.
Nueva Ecija is one of eight Provinces represented by the rays of the sun on the flag of the Philippines. These are in relation to the Philippine Revolution… and now I know there is a beautiful rice field town named after someone heavily involved in that.
Still amazed at the giant roads here!
One day at a time, one rice field town in Nueva Ecija at a time… #BecomingFilipino
Super Apir!

Official Website of Municipality of Llanera