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The Native Farmers of Llanera are Significant Contributors in the Way of Life and Economic Growth of the Municipality.To express their appreciation, the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Llanera envision a celebration that will show the skills and perseverance of the farmers then and now.
A concept of showcasing a historical play was made with a title of “Banuar a Mannalon” o “Bayaning Magsasaka”, which is being celebrated alongside the month of their feast during May. The main event is the “Banuar A Mannalon”, a street play showcasing the hard work and heroism of the farmers in Llanera.
The “dulansangan” or “street play” is a unique celebration of Llanerano (natives of Llanera), based on the concept of the rebellion happened in the town of San Isidro. Through this reenactment, the municipality of Llanaera aims to exhibit the identity and recognize the heroism of Llanerano as Novo Ecijanos.
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