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July is National Nutrition Month

July is National Nutrition Month!
By virtue of Presidential Decree 491, the Municipality of Llanera, Nueva Ecija joins the nation in the celebration of National Nutrition Month with the theme “HEALTHY DIET gawing affordable FOR ALL!
This year’s Nutrition Month aims to 1) engage consumers to support improvements in levels of diet quality towards sustainable healthy diets, 2) generate participation of stakeholders at various levels on actions towards enabling access to affordable sustainable healthy diets, and 3) call support for the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2023-2028 as the framework for action to improve nutrition security.
The campaign’s key messages for individuals and families, communities include 1) Start children on a healthy diet with exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months and continued breastfeeding up to two years and beyond with appropriate complementary feeding, 2) Eat a variety of unprocessed or minimally processed foods, balanced across food groups, while restricting highly processed food and drink products, 3) Establish food gardens as additional source of food, and 4) Buy food from local farmers.

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