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Joint Quarterly Meeting | December 21, 2023

December 21, 2023: Joint Quarterly meeting of Llanera Peace & Order Council (POC) and Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) presided by Chairperson Hon. Ronnie Roy Pascual and attended by Council members under the supervision of MLGOO VI Carolyn L. Javate, DILG. Some council members reported their accomplishment and updates under their office/organization. The meeting also focussed more on the formulation of possible solutions or measures to address the issues on peace and order and illegal drugs with CSO partners.
Furthermore, after the report of Probation Office by Sr. PO Mark Anthony T. Estigoy, representing Ms. Gloria E. Peralta, Chief Probation and Parole Officer, he presented Certificate of Recognition to Hon. Mayor Ronnie Roy G. Pascual for the remarkable support to Cabanatuan City Parole and Probation Office and to the Volunteers Probation Assistant (VPA)

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