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LGU Llanera commemorates the Philippine International AIDS Candlelight Memorial by encouraging the public to get tested and urging those who tested positive to avail of free treatment, care, and support services. More importantly, the DOH stressed that the occasion is a day to remember all those who have died from the disease.
43 Pregnant Women are among our target audience who actively participated in the health education, counseling and testing to ensure their well-being.
This year’s theme, “One Big Fight for Health and Rights of People Living with HIV”, is very timely as the new HIV law, RA 11166 otherwise known as the ‘Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy Act’, has just been signed.
This is one of the priority projects through the leadership of Hon. Mayor Ronnie Roy Pascual and Sangguniang Bayan Member, RHU Llanera headed by Dr. Mylene Villarosa; Laboratory Department Mam Catherine Junio and GB Arocena Narag ; and TB-HIV Program Coordinator Cha Rot Garcia,DOH Family through Dr. Edwin Santiago and Sir Cris Albert Pidot, DOH-HRH, RHU-Midwives, BHWs and all our participants. Thank you and God Bless Llanera❤️❤️❤️
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