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In 1915, Governor General Francis Burton Harrison came across a land that he took interest in becoming habitable. The land was surveyed through the funds from the Proclamation No. 95 on December 15, 1915, where a survey party was founded by Emilio Lagasca and it was completed in 1917. After that, the land was transformed to Vaca Townsite, which will be the barrio of Bagumbayan (Bagong Bayan).
As the barrio continued to prosper, the locals decided to make a petition requesting their barrio to become a municipality. During the administration of President Ramon Magsaysay, he ordered Congressman Celestino Juan, the 2nd district representative of Nueva Ecija, to create a bill declaring the barrio of Bagong Bayan to become a municipality.
Eventually, by the virtue of Republic Act 1221, the municipality of Llanera was founded on May 11, 1955. It was named after General Mariano Llanera, a revolutionary leader from Cabiao.
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Official Website of Municipality of Llanera